Friday, 18 January 2008


Some more logo work for ya'll i know how u love ur logos peeps!
Developed logos from previous post below for Student Mundial, credit to Sylvia too for some of the ideas. Weve just got finalise a logo then get to work on an E-Flyer..keep ya posted.

Feedback would be great! Thanks


philis said...

looking good mate, like the ones with the 4 little circles, got bored and did a little rearrangement,

like the house ones too, personally i recon they could be tightened up a little bit,

like the idea of the house being a speech bubble too, good visual metaphor

keep up the good work

Adams Blogathon! said...

yea looks gd man ur re-arangement.. thikn maybe play around the speechbubble ones. nice and simple logo i though.. and play around with the type. need to see if it is legible.

il keep ya posted.

philis said...

coolio mate. redone the Yumi logo. let me know what u think (tis on the blog)

jump_leads said...

one problem... not your problem though. what student knows what the hell 'mundial' means without having to look it up? also sounds a bit like 'mundane'... but if the guy likes it... what the hell.

philis said...

haha, didnt even cross my mind, but yeah, from the logo i get the idea that its some sort of student help service. but ur rite, i dont know what it means